Hello…welcome to my page. I’m ITA, the maker of anything you see on this page. My aim is to make use of a 13th century art, in order to create a variety of items that fit today's day and age. 
Growing up I was a very creative and adventurous person, spending several years as a flight attendant with a major airline in my home country. A dream job that made me view the world 🌏 from a different perspective. A job that defined my life as it was here where I met my husband (who trust me, though behind the scenes, he helps me a lot!). In 2017 we took the big decision of relocating to Hong Kong, the City of Light. Besides being a full-time housewife, I have in the meantime founded Macraftastic. A small business which is very close to my heart. It seamlessly fits my personality and the products created are vibrant, jolly and colourful, meant to bring happiness and joy to their new homes.
If you have been with me this far…I just want you to know that I truly value your support and most importantly I appreciate you choosing Macraftastic. This means the world to me! Thank you!